BusinessVoice, Inc. of Greater Lakeland’s Five Political Endorsements Successfully Win Election

Lakeland, FL – BusinessVoice of Greater Lakeland, Inc. (BV) endorsed five pro-business candidates in the November 3rd General Election, all of which won their district.  Four of the five candidates were incumbents for the Florida House of Representatives.  The fifth candidate Danny Burgess won his State Senate seat, which opened when current Senator Tom Lee resigned his position.

BusinessVoice, Inc. would like to congratulate the following candidates on their election day wins:

State Senator District 20- Danny Burgess

State Representative District 39- Josie Tomkow

State Representative District 40- Colleen Burton

State Representative District 41- Sam Killebrew

State Representative District 56- Melony Bell


Although perfect with candidate endorsements, BusinessVoice’s opposition to Amendment 2 fell short.  Amendment 2- the Raising of Florida’s Minimum Wage passed with a 60.8% majority vote.  Polk County was below the 60% threshold needed to pass the amendment, at 56.8%. It was the belief of BV that the passing of Amendment 2 would have long lasting negative impacts on the business community, its employees, and consumers.

The reason for the opposition to Amendment 2 is best stated by BV Chair James Ring “In a hurting pandemic economy, the best way to get more dollars in the pockets of working families is to make job creation for companies easier, not harder.”

BusinessVoice, Inc. was created in 2000 as an organization to support pro-business political candidates and to promote issues which impact the business community. BusinessVoice, Inc. serves as an endorsement board for those individuals who personify the objectives of the business community.




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